Create, and Bring to Life Your Traditional Tattoo with One of Our Talented Artists

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo but you don’t know exactly what you want to get, it’s perfectly fine to seek inspiration from tried and tested designs that remain eternally popular. Characterised by their bold, black outlines as well as a restricted palette of colours, traditional tattoo designs (also known as old-school tattoo) show a respect and reverence to American / western heritage yet remain broad enough to appeal to anyone. The traditional tattoo artists at Melbourne’s Taboo Tattoo can provide you with everything from a traditional tattoo sleeve to a variation on a popular and widely used existing design. Discover our available options and designs today!

Familiar Traditional Tattoo Design Options

Common old-school tattoo designs can include:

  • Anchor tattoos
  • Dagger tattoos
  • Eagle tattoos
  • Gypsies
  • Heart tattoos
  • Mermaid tattoos
  • Pin-up tattoos
  • Native American tattoos
  • Navy and other armed forces symbols
  • Rose tattoos
  • Swallow and sparrow tattoos

Whether your traditional tattoo bears significant meaning to you or its appeal is merely decorative, the traditional tattoo artists at Melbourne’s Taboo Tattoo will ensure a finished design you’ll be more than happy to display.


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