This is a new page to our website therefore we are looking for any past customers who would like to add comments regarding their experiences with our studios. All feedback would be greatly appreciated by all tattooists. You can forward it on to

“I’d like to comment on Steve Radl’s work in Boronia. I first met Steve Radl when I was looking for my second tattoo and had become a little irritated by the celebrity/show-pony league of tattooists in the CBD. Steve had the gun-slinger “plain shootin’ done well” approach that appealed to me. His technical skills and unexpected ability to tailor my design to match my shape (in a way I hadn’t even thought about) was why, years later, I’m looking up Steve to do my next round of work. I have absolute confidence that Steve will turn my ideas into a tattoo that I will wear comfortably for the rest of my years. My first tattoo was done by some aggressive character, ages ago, and I would never recommend those guys in a fit! Steve, made me (and the friend that came with me) so comfortable that he was the first choice when she had her first tattoo. I hope you can use some of this to promote Steve’s work.”

- Mark


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