Sleeve Tattoo Designs – Detailed and Intricate Artworks

Ever wondered what makes a sleeve tattoo different from just an arm covered in tatts? While they might certainly look similar to the naked eye, a sleeve tattoo design is comprised of connected images or patterns that either tell a story or present a unified, singular theme, whereas an arm (or leg) of tattoos is literally just that – a collection of individual images or patterns with no cohesion or connection between them. Taboo Tattoo provides superior quality sleeve tattoos for men and women in quarter, half and full lengths. We will work with you to create a singular theme that best reflects you.

Available Types of Women’s and Men’s Japanese Tattoo Sleeves

There are numerous types of sleeve tattoos to choose from, including:

  • Quarter Sleeve – Covering the top of the shoulder to the elbow midpoint
  • Half Sleeve – Spans the top of shoulder to the elbow
  • Full Sleeve – Covers everywhere from the top of the shoulder to the wrist
  • Hikae – Created in the style of men’s Japanese tattoo sleeves, this option spans the chest area, extending to the elbow or the wrist

Sleeve tattoo designs typically take multiple sessions to complete (generally the bigger the sleeve the more sessions). You will also generally require a number of weeks between sessions.

From men’s Japanese tattoo sleeves to stylish tattoo sleeves for men and women, check out our artwork gallery today.


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