Skilled Portrait Tattoo Artists in Melbourne

The portrait tattoo will always be a popular choice. Many customers of Taboo Tattoo come in looking for a portrait tattoo of their newborn baby, their husband or wife, or a departed parent – someone that means something to them. So when it comes to putting needle to skin, our trusted portrait tattoo artists in Melbourne treat the portrait and the subject with the respect that they deserve. If you’re looking to get a high-quality portrait tattoo in Melbourne of a person who means something special to you, you can rely on Taboo Tattoo to do the job right.

What Makes a Good Portrait Tattoo?

A portrait tattoo is something you need to get 100% correct, unless you’re intentionally going for a caricature variation. Here are some tips to help ensure a good portrait tattoo:

  • As the subject is often a person who means something special to the customer, it’s important that the finished result shows that respect. Experienced and qualified portrait tattoo artists in Melbourne will always state that a large sized (8×10 at the very least) clear photograph of the subject will always make for the best tattoo reproduction.
  • For a more detailed tattoo, make sure that all the facial features are visible and not obscured in the photo you provide.
  • When making the choice between a black and gray tattoo or a colour portrait, if you opt for colour make sure you choose the best portrait tattoo artist for the job. If you must wait for them to become available, be prepared to wait.

It’s also important to have patience with the project – and a portrait tattoo done well is a project, as it will take multiple visits to complete.


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