Artists Experienced in Neo Traditional Tattoo in Melbourne

Neo traditional tattoo artists bring a new-school spin to the old-school traditional American tattoo. Where the traditional tattoo is characterised by a restricted colour palette and bold, black outlines, neo traditional tattoos apply bold, black lines to the symbol while also using cartoons and realistic images that adhere to the traditional theme. Thematically, traditional American tattoo designs were seen as a mark of respect to traditional American culture and heritage, while neo traditional designs are more decorative for its own sake. If you’re looking for a professionally drawn neo traditional tattoo in Melbourne, drop in or make an appointment with the team at Taboo Tattoo.

Discuss Your Ideas with Our Neo Traditional Tattoo Artists

Our talented and experienced neo traditional tattoo artists will happily collaborate with you to discuss your design ideas and make them authentically neo traditional.

  • Where lines need to be stronger, we’ll embolden them.
  • If colours need to be bolder we’ll make them pop.
  • If your design needs to be tweaked slightly to meet neo-traditional ‘conditions’, we’ll do everything we can to make it comply while still being uniquely you.

Whether you’re looking for a floral compass filled with brilliant colours and shadows, an ever-popular skull THAT’S been detailed to your specifications, or stunning portraits that capture the essence of their subject, you can trust Taboo Tattoo when you need expertise with a neo traditional tattoo in Melbourne.


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