Lettering Tattoos & Ideas

For many people, a tattoo can be something that’s deeply personal – perhaps to commemorate their children, a friend, or a family member who has passed, or even just a way to celebrate a great memory or event in their life. In these instances, most people know what they want to say or show. However, they don’t often think immediately of the other details that make up their tattoos – things like colour choice and tattoo lettering. Taboo Tattoo happily provides assistance for customers looking for a tattoo of a name, a word or a mantra but who are unsure about just how to present it.

Deciding What is the Best Lettering for Your Tattoo

With hundreds of different fonts available, as well as numerous variations of each font, choosing the right option for your tattoo is crucial. After all, you don’t want to choose the wrong tattoo lettering and have to live with it forever. There are numerous points to consider in order to ensure you get your tattoo right, including:

  • Font type
  • Variations of typeface (including size, boldness, italics, serif or sans serif, etc.)
  • How the text will fit onto a certain part of the body
  • Spacing of letters to ensure tattoo is clear and readable (this is called kerning)
  • Whether colouring of the tattoo should be shaded, shadowed or solid
  • Whether you want additional pictorial or visual content

Our highly experienced tattoo artists are dedicated to producing a finished result that will leave you 100% satisfied, from the image to the tattoo lettering and everything in between.


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