Genuine Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese Tattoos MelbourneJapanese tattoo designs have long been regarded as a legitimate art form going back centuries, with their foundations deeply rooted in the classic ukiyo-e woodblock prints of the mid-1700s. Characterised by the use of the body as a vast and extensive canvas, Japanese tattoo takes a lot of time and patience to get just right.

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Common Motifs in Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoos melbourneOne of the interesting things about Japanese tattoo design is the ‘rules’ that must be followed to be classed stylistically as Japanese tattoo. For example, you need to know which motifs will go or not go together, such as which flowers go with animals and which flowers go with water and clouds. Typical motifs that you’ll find in a Japanese sleeve tattoo and other singular designs include (but are not limited to):

  • Animals, birds, snakes and tigers
  • Buddhist and significant deities
  • Characters from Japanese folklore
  • Flowers such as cherry blossoms, lotuses and chrysanthemums
  • Plants such as bamboo plants and maple leaves

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