Design Your Own Reality with our Black and Grey Tattoo Artists

One of the most striking forms of tattoo art is portraiture and Japanese sleeve tattoos in black and grey. As the name suggests, this form of tattoo uses a single needle plus black and various shades of grey to give shade, highlight and dimension to the design. In most cases, the grey is created by adding different amounts of water to the black ink, but many artists now use grey washes or ink in place of water and black ink. For quality black and grey tattoo artists in Melbourne who can bring your design or portrait to life, make an appointment today with Taboo Tattoo.

Common Designs Provided by Our Black and Grey Tattoo Artists

Black and grey tattoo artists are commonly requested by our customers to produce particular types of tattoos. Among them are:

  • Photorealistic animals or portraits of people
  • Three dimensional objects
  • Japanese irezumi (Japanese sleeve tattoos in black and grey)
  • And more

Browse our artwork gallery for further ideas and inspiration for your design.

The Origin Story of Black and Grey Tattoos

Previously known as a Jailhouse tattoo, this particular style is believed to have originated in the US prison system in the 1970s. Inmates would use resources that they could procure easily such as guitar strings, they would also burn bible pages and mix the ash to make ink to create black and grey designs.  Eventually, the popularity of the jailhouse tattoo crossed over to the general public, where it was given its current black and grey name.


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