Artwork / Gallery – Tribal Tattoos, Sleeves, Portraits and More

The inspiration for a tattoo can come from almost anywhere – an image of a close friend or family member, a song lyric, or even a tribal tattoo that resonates with a person or a special event for lasting commemoration. Or it could be something as simple and frivolous as a cartoon character, or a dolphin swimming through a hula hoop. While many people come to Taboo Tattoo with a design idea already in mind, others need a little help to find the image or design that brings their idea to life. Our artwork gallery provides a wealth of examples that aim to help inspire those who haven’t quite found the right design. We can help with everything from portraits through to tribal tattoos in Melbourne.

Explore Our Gallery to Find Tribal Tattoo Designs and Much More

Whether you need help looking for the ideal tattoo lettering for a particular quote or you want to find a sleeve design that you connect with, browse our artwork gallery for some great inspiration. You’ll find a range of ideas, including:

  • Lettering tattoos
  • Traditional tattoos
  • Neo traditional tattoos
  • Portraits
  • Tribal tattoos
  • Black and grey tattoos
  • Fine line tattoos
  • Japanese tattoos
  • Realism tattoos
  • Sleeve tattoos
  • Women’s tattoos
  • And more

Our qualified and experienced tattoo artists boast the skill and expertise to produce tattoo designs of all kinds to suit all needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tattoo or a tribal tattoo in Melbourne, browse our gallery and discover for yourself just what we can do.


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