Taboo Tattoo was first opened in Blackburn by tattoo artist André Cleary. Since then two additional studios have opened. We are extremely proud of the facilities and standard of hygiene kept in all 3 studios. There are separate and up to date sterilizing areas as required by current state health department guidelines. The autoclave sterilizer is regularly serviced and spore tested. Brand new needles and examination gloves are used for each client, which are later discarded in Sharps and Bio Hazard waste containers. Anything that is not disposable (example: power box, clip cord, armrest) is covered with disposable plastic to prevent cross-contamination between each customer. The studios are frequently inspected by the Health Department and operates above the high standards set forth by them.

Taboo Tattoo offers thousands of pre-drawn designs from all over the world to choose from in many classic and contemporary modern styles, as well as an extensive reference library if a custom design is preferred. All the tattooists are happy to discuss in detail ideas regarding your future tattoo design. This way, you can be sure to receive exactly what you want!

When opening Taboo Tattoo, André not only wanted a shop where the highest standard of tattooing could be provided in a strict hospital grade sterile environment, but also to achieve a relaxed atmosphere where customers felt they could wander in, spend time asking the questions they needed, to allow them to feel comfortable with the decision they were about to make.

All the tattooists are highly skilled and versatile, dedicated and constantly striving to improve not only their own standards of tattooing but also the image and reputation of the tattoo industry. The tattooists at Taboo Tattoo are constantly striving to keep up with the progressive tattoo industry by featuring and reading the latest tattoo magazines, attending tattoo shows, travelling overseas when they can and working on related art forms outside of tattooing. When making your choice of tattooist, feel free to come into the studios to have a chat and look at their albums.

Before Your Appointment

  • Make sure you are well rested, have eaten and relaxed prior to your appointment
  • Make sure you are not affected by drugs or alcohol whilst attending your appointment otherwise you will NOT be tattooed
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Notification of appointment cancellation must be given 24hrs prior. You must inform us, or you will lose your deposit & a new one will be required

Please feel free to contact the studios or drop in for a chat to discuss your individual design.


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